Many people contact us to start their new build project but are not sure what home plan is best suited for their land. Or others have a vision in mind and want to streamline the process by starting with a stock plan. In any case, we have you covered! Visit our house plans page to see ones that we love and follow the links to view hundreds of gorgeous customizable, award-wining options!


Updated: Feb 8

Searching the way can be a great way to find information quickly. RS has down some of the "finger-work" for you and compiled an excellent list of go-to resources. Visit our Resource Page to find out for yourself!


One of the easiest ways to bring new life into a space is new paint. But how do you get started? Here are some best practices to see if repainting is right for you and how to get started:

1. Throw me some shade: is repainting going to even give me the results I want? In a word, YES! Do you have adjoining spaces that lack continuity but don't want to use the same shade? Try choosing a neutral that you love and using a couple of shades darker or lighter in each adjoining space. Here is an example:

2. Color me good: You may feel that some spaces could use some color. To bring in a vibrant shade without overwhelming the room, a feature wall could be the best way to go. Here are some shades we love:

Credits: (Left to right) 1. Sherwin Williams Color Inspiration Gallery Living Rooms 2. Design Today via Broadway Gallery 3. the Kitsch Out of Kitchen

Credits: (Left to right): 1. HGTV room inspiration photo - by John Granen Photography 2. Unknown 3. Chuvie Decor Ghana 4. Designer: Pacific Dimensions