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What People Like You Say

Welcome to Robyn Studios!

As a busy homeowner and business owner who appreciates the superior results of professional design services, you have made an excellent decision by coming to see us.


Our website is more than just a brochure about us. It is filled to the brim with design resources that you can successfully implement without paying a dime in design fees until you are ready. Why would we offer this benefit? Because we want you to see for yourself why we are the design ally you've been looking for, putting the best resources and expertise right at your fingertips.

Beautiful design is knocking at your door...will you answer?

Robyn Studios was founded in April of 2020 by licensed architect Robyn Thomas as the formalization of her over twenty-two-year span of design experience. In the years since, the studios have become a highly sought-after regional design fulfillment and resource center for families, business owners, HOA boards, builders, and a growing list of industry professionals.


Robyn is NCARB certified. This prized industry certification provides and expedites reciprocity, an agreement across all 55 US jurisdictions. While based in metro Atlanta, we operate in both Alabama & Georgia and are available for select projects nationwide. Our team continues to grow to meet the increasing needs of discerning clients.


What keeps us excited and busy? Providing you with a stellar design experience that is delightful, inventive, and infuses the spaces where you live, work, and play with lasting comfort, function, and beauty. And it doesn't have to take forever either!