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LOOKS FOR THE BOOKS: Highlights from RS Favorites Vol 1

One or two gorgeous features in a room can really be all that's needed. Or it could be time to invest in elevating your entire collection of key pieces. You will surely find something you can't stop thinking about in our RS Favorites Vol 1 collection on the RS Curated Shop page. This collection offers you unmatched variety and luxurious appeal to furnish rooms all around your home.

Consult the shop pages when you are planning to purchase some beauties to refresh any room in your home. Your good taste coupled with our expertise is THE winning combination to bring out the best in your chosen space. Get on our calendar for your upcoming interior design project for one of our signature DESIGN BY THE SET services.

Nothing says home like a cozy, comfy spot to unwind. Combine these key elements to give yourself an elevated luxe, lounge feel. essential light, for ambiance,...

…and you’ve created a MASTERPIECE!

Shop the entire collection here:

Now is always the best time to speak with us about your project, even if you are only in the "Am I really ready to do this?" place in your mind.

Let's visualize your awesome project together!

Live Beautifully!

~ Leslie Neely


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