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SCENTS for THE SENSES - Enliven & Refresh Your Home with Personalized, Nose-Friendly Fragrances

Fragrances can influence our thoughts, emotions and behavior.

Only in recent years have we truly understood the science behind the psychological benefits of scenting. A scent can bring back a memory, delight, calm and even soothe us.

[ Fragrances formulated without phthalates, allergens, and high VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) ]

Compose Your Own Fragrance

Fruity or Floral? Herbal or Edible? Take the fragrance test to create a signature scent.

Wanna Refill?

A Personal Touch

This Mix and Match Gift Set includes a card with your personalized message, a Candle, Room Spray and Reed Diffuser as well as the option to mix and match fragrances.

By Leslie Neely



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