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Top 2 Ways to Navigate Rising Prices for Home Goods

Don't we wish there was a way to earn a dollar for every time we hear about supply chain issues and rising prices? Thankfully, there are many great finds to be had without paying a premium for every single thing you purchase. The source? Local home goods discount stores and...wait for it...your own stash of great items! Here is what we mean:

  1. Chains and Brands we love: Stores like HomeGoods, TJMaxx, and At Home actually are winning when it comes to this supply chain slow-down. They source great finds from all over and fill their shelves when other vendors have an overrun of stylish but unsold goods. Keep a running list of the items you want to shop for using a note app on your phone. Then, periodically stop by a store or two to see what's new. For a bonus, ask a salesperson what days they bring in new stock and plan your visits around this schedule.

  2. Hidden potential on-hand: Take inventory of unused home decor items and furniture in your storage areas: garage, basement, attic, and closets. Then, take a look in each room and identify items could use a bit of reinvention. Are there pieces of artwork that could have more impact if grouped together and relocated? Could a chair or sofa use some reupholstering or new throw pillows? Speaking of throw pillows, could you use some new covers to bring in pattern, texture, or color? These are just some ideas to get you started, but the possibilities are endless!


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