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The RS Featured Style Groups Are Here!

We are happy to introduce a spectacular design tool for living beautifully: Our 4 featured design style groups! This is our upgrade of the originally published 9 signature design styles - simpler, yet expanded.

Of course, we love when you invite us to consult on your project. But now, you don't have to book services to start using our tried-and-true expert design methods to beautify your home. Use the FREE LOOKS & SHOP LINKS on these pages to elevate your home with hand-picked selections just for you.


Highlights on each Design Style Group Page:

- Idea Houses that showcase styles from the outside in, including floor plans and renderings.

- RS Curated shopping collections

- Ready-to-shop selected items from each of our Interior Design Sets


Consult the shop pages when planning to purchase beauties to refresh any room in your home. Your good taste coupled with our expertise is THE winning combination to bring out the best in your chosen space. Get on our calendar for your upcoming interior design project for one of our signature DESIGN BY THE SET services.

Up First: Coast to Farm

Timeless favorites from West Coast & Industrial Loft to Modern Farmhouse

- Layered, Comfort-Inducing Textures

- Sun-kissed Accents

- Calming, Earthy Neutrals

Never Second Best: Livable Luxe

Hollywood Glam & Mid-Century Modern for seekers of style-icious comfort

- Brushed/Satin Glam Metallics

- Warm, Regal Neutrals

- Tone-on-Tone Elegance with Dramatic Accents

Third In Line:

Classically Transitional

More timeless favorites like Classic Traditional & Forward Moving Transitional

- Motifs and lines from earlier eras of design

- Structured, wood-heavy furnishings

- Stately, recognizable patterns from florals and toile to trellis and stripes

A Fitting Finale: Parisian Regency

Sumptuous, mesmerizing elegance influenced by a global style capital

- Old-World Maximilism featuring gilded accents

- Stately paneling on walls and ceilings

- All manner of colors, from delightful pastels to rich, saturated tones

- Heady, ornate light fixtures that shimmer and dazzle

Now is always the best time to speak with us about your project, even if you are only in the "Am I really ready to do this?" place in your mind.

Let's visualize your fantastic project together!

Live Beautifully!

~ Robyn



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