Audio Notes & Voicemail Transcription:


PROBLEM: You have tons of material to listen to. It would be so much easier to just read it all quickly to get the gist of what you need to do to follow up.


RFVA SOLUTION: Get a daily report with all your audio notes and voicemails turned into text and sorted by any field you choose: sender, time, length, subject, you name it.



Word Processing, Document Preparation, & Slideshows:


PROBLEM: Reports, letters, meeting notes, and a stack of other papers all need to be typed and formatted ASAP. The upcoming meeting is looming and you still need to get your slideshow ready. And what about all the stuff you haven't even started to write down?


RFVA SOLUTION: Send over a handwritten copy of any documents you need done or even of just a rough idea with content instructions. Select a look and feel that you like from the RFVA sample layouts and you are all set! Get professional documents and slideshows that convey your ideas beautifully.


Data & Receipt Entry: 



PROBLEM: Everyday, new information is coming in from client meetings, invoices, purchases, and on and on and you need it entered into a database that you pull information from in a flash.


RFVA SOLUTION: Send over your stack of papers and files and RFVA will get right to work entering it into a seamless online, sortable database that you can access from anywhere. And if you need any reports generated, you can get those too. Want to use a particular software? No problem. RFVA can work with you via online cloud computing or securing another licensed copy of the software.


Scanning for Paperless Filing & Organizing Digital & Hardcopy Documents:


PROBLEM: Either your paper files are about to explode or the digital files you already have are in disarray. It takes gobs of time to find anything and it is really slowing down your workflow.


RFVA SOLUTION: Box up your stack of papers and files and RFVA will pick them up and get right to work scanning them in and making them available in well organized, easily navigated online folders that you can access and download onto your own server. RFVA can also back up your files and deliver this digital archive with your returned hardcopies. If you only need help organizing existing paper or digital files, RFVA can do that too, cutting your retrieval time down to seconds, not hours.


Returning Emails & Phone Calls & Invoicing:


PROBLEM: Like your clients, your vendors and peers are the life of your business. You can't always be available when they call or email and it would really help keep things flowing if you had someone to respond until you can. And paying your bills on time is something you are typically good at, but experience lapses from time to time because of being overwhelmed. If this is not enough, you also need to keep pace with invoicing and collecting from clients. Having someone to help you keep track could really keep you on top of your game.


RFVA SOLUTION: RFVA understands the dynamics of the business-to-business and client/service provider relationships and can communicate with your vendors and customers in a way that keeps them happy and lets you stay busy getting things done. You can rest assured that RFVA is going to bat for you to make sure vendors get feedback from you and customers are notified and reminded to pay what's outstanding on time. Phone and Email correspondence to vendors and clients is made daily and tracked online where you can review RFVA's progress and follow up tasks in real time.


Email Set Up: 


PROBLEM: Your email inbox is a nightmare! It is so hard to find client files and you find yourself retyping emails that you send often. Plus, your email signatures are a missed opportunity to market exciting offerings to your clients.


RFVA SOLUTION: RFVA will audit your inbox and put together a customized system of filters to route incoming emails to easy-to-find folders. Depending on which email service you use, RFVA can set up notifications for specific senders, subjects, or many other filtering fields of your choice. RFVA can also create email drafts that you can readily use as templates for typical mailings. For an email signature that works for you, RFVA will customize one or more that you can select when you really want to add value to your email message and generate more business.


Operations Manuals:


PROBLEM: If something happened to you today, your business would crumble, all because either you never wrote an operations manual or the one you have is woefully out of date. To do what's required to create a usable manual just takes too much time and it just never gets done. 


RFVA SOLUTION: RFVA will work diligently with you to audit and record all of your business operating procedures. Then, you will have both a digital and hardcopy of your manual that RFVA can regularly update for you. The manual will include procedures, as well as tutorials as needed.


Research & Booking Travel: 


PROBLEM: You want to expand your business, take on a new partner, make a large purchase, or anything else that requires a lot of diligent research of information from reliable sources. And making travel plans too can require tons of searching and comparing.


RFVA SOLUTION: Just make a quick list of what you are looking for and RFVA will get right to work compiling an online database of information for you, citing sources and helping you compare your available options. For your travel plans, RFVA can compile options alone or even take it the full mile and actually book your hotel, transportation, rooming, dining, and/or entertainment for you.


Conference Call Set Up & Scheduling & Calendar Management: 


PROBLEM: There are not enough hours in the day to get everything done and meetings and appointments seem to be falling through the cracks.


RFVA SOLUTION: RFVA will help you set and keep track of all your appointments and even set up your conference calls. Attendees will receive reminders several days out and on the day of the appointment via email and phone call.


Bid Package & Funding Request Submittals: 


PROBLEM: The best opportunity ever has come along for you to win a contract or secure funding from a lender, but you just don't have the time to put together a winning proposal.


RFVA SOLUTION: RFVA is uniquely qualified to pull the data as well as compile it into the high impact presentation you need to be successful. Few if any virtual assistants out there have this skill set. 



Customer Service Calls & Invoicing:


PROBLEM: Keeping your clients satisfied is the core of your company success, but you are maxed out with deliverables. Staying in constant touch with them and responding to all their calls and emails is just seemingly impossible. You also need to make sure that you get paid when money is due. Staying on top of client correspondence and invoicing is getting more and more difficult as your business grows.


RFVA SOLUTION: RFVA understands the dynamics of the client/service provider relationship and can communicate with your customers in a way that keeps them happy and lets you stay busy getting things done. You can rest assured that RFVA is going to bat for you to make sure customers are notified and reminded to pay what's outstanding on time. Phone and Email correspondence to clients is made daily and tracked online where you can review RFVA's progress and follow up tasks in real time.


Blogging & Social Networking: 


PROBLEM: Keeping up with online communities is a job by itself. You just don't have the brain or schedule space to keep generating fresh content and posting it regularly to keep your customers, hopefully repeat ones, interested.


RFVA SOLUTION: Content is generated and scheduled weekly to keep your social media presence fresh. You can even get analytics to see if this effort is paying off or if you should divert resources into your direct marketing channels.


Marketing & Lead Generation & Follow-Up: 


PROBLEM: Prospecting for new business takes a lot of time and targeted effort. Day after day, you mean to spend more time on it but you just can't seem to make it happen. Meanwhile, you see opportunities go by or just slip away all because you weren't ready to make that call list and work it or draft and broadcast that email campaign.


RFVA SOLUTION: RFVA can work with your existing database of warm leads and generate ones from your cold market and then work them for you. Each day, RFVA will make sales calls and follow up on them to up your conversion rates pronto. This service includes generating and broadcasting email campaigns to cover your entire pool of leads effectively.


Newsletters & Fliers: 


PROBLEM: As with all the other marketing tasks you have piling up, generating and sending out newsletters and fliers, let alone mailers, just isn't your thing. Even if it is, you just can't get enough out there to get more successful sales closed.


RFVA SOLUTION: You define your needs and RFVA gets right to work putting together newsletters for email or print, fliers, and mailers that get you the response you've been looking for. RFVA can digitally broadcast and print and mail any pieces as you like.


Website Content & Graphic Gathering: 

PROBLEM: Generating good content is a beast and your website is either completely stagnant or failing to give you the kind of conversion rates it could if only it effectively appealed to your customers' ever changing interests. And look at all the stipulations on what images you can and can't use without paying high fees. You really need someone to cut this task down to size.


RFVA SOLUTION: Jot down your vision and watch responsive solutions from RFVA fill your screen. RFVA drafts content options and forwards your final approved data to your web developer for upload. If you just need images to populate existing content, RFVA can gather free and pay-for-use images for your review and purchase if necessary. Easy. Done.


Editing & Proofreading:


PROBLEM: No matter how many times you go over those lines of text, there is error after error. You are so embarrassed when someone calls it to your attention. It makes you feel a bit unprofessional.


RFVA SOLUTION: RFVA is yet another set of scrutinizing eyes, ridding your documents of errors and shining up your reputation as the consummate go-to guy or gal.




Architects, Contractors, Interior Designers, Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Investors, Developers, & Inspectors:


PROBLEM: You need the assistance of someone who has design or real estate specific training. There just are not any virtual assistants out there who do. 


RFVA SOLUTION: RFVA is your complete design and real estate solution. With years of experience as an architect and a multi-family real estate owner, RFVA can get you the kind of help you need without all the red tape that comes with full-time employees having to multi-task and handle aspects of your project that you would have to pay them increased salaries for or simply hire yet another employee to do. RFVA can produce and edit cut sheets, proposals, invoices, portfolios, site reports, presentation boards, specifications, and the list goes on. 




+ County & State Registration 

    Paperwork & Filing


+ Business Card Design &



+ Website & Email Launch


+ Banking Setup


+ Marketing


+ And much more!


​Get off to the right start to attract clients and get paid for what you do well!




+ Calendar management with

    appointment follow up,

    tracking, & reminders


+ For self, employees, team

    members, & clients


​No more important dates falling through the cracks!




+ Desk, Rooms, Closets,

    Garage, wherever you can

    use the help 


+  All levels of help from just a

    summary of ideas to digging

    in to purge and place your

    remaining items and picking &

    purchasing your organization



Make your space work for you and kiss frustrating hours of trying to find your stuff goodbye!





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