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the OLD

LOCKED DOWN: A requirement for an early commitment to scopes of services that could easily need to be modified

UNCLEAR OPTIONS: Locked-In pricing without a clear path to upgrading/changing services

SCHEDULE LIMITS: Uncertainty on RS availability if the design needs or timelines changed or if another client jumped the line by paying to start services ahead of you

UNPLEASANT SURPRISES: A high likelihood of invoice surprises when hourly fees were implemented

the NEW

FREEDOM OF CHOICE: Any and all services can be included. Your options are limitless!

EASY ADJUSTMENTS: Tiered memberships are right-sized to your current design needs and can be updated after the initial required commitment of a 3-month membership is met.

PRIORITY SERVICE: We limit the number of memberships at any given time to ensure a value-packed level of service.  

PLANNED SPENDING: You have monthly upgrade options to pull deliverables forward on the schedule without incurring any pesky hourly fees.

PRESERVED VALUE: Any allocation for unused membership deliverables roll over to the next month.


PROMO PERKS: Tell others about us and get bonus perks once they sign up. 

FREEBIES: As yet another bonus, free perks are thrown in all along the way!

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> How much is my monthly investment and total minimum to work with you?

> Why is this the best solution for my design needs?

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House Plans

Your house plan search is over! We have handpicked phenomenal floor plans to maximize your project potential. See these and thousands of others on our HOUSE PLANS PAGE. Small or Large, Traditional or Modern and everything in between!

"We demand a lot from our homes -- now more than ever.
With all the double, triple, quadruple duty they do for us, we strive to put that much more energy into how well their various parts and furnishings are situated."

Image by Spacejoy

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Who we are: A woman-owned small business, based in the metro Atlanta/ west Georgia area. We know what it's like to be busy, overwhelmed by hard-to-compare options, and then finally find your very own design ally - super exciting!
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