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Modern House

House Plans

Your house plan search is over! We have handpicked phenomenal floor plans to maximize your project potential. See these and thousands of others on our HOUSE PLANS PAGE. Small or Large, Traditional or Modern and everything in between!

"We demand a lot from our homes -- now more than ever.
With all the double, triple, quadruple duty they do for us, we strive to put that much more energy into how well their various parts and furnishings are situated."

Image by Spacejoy

Shoppable, Styled Rooms & More

We would love to work with you but understand that you may want to see how far you can get without paying design fees. The internet is FLOODED with design merch and it can drive you crazy to have to sift through it all. LOOK NO FURTHER! We have masterfully curated looks that shine up your home in no time. As a bonus, they are organized according to our 9 SIGNATURE STYLES!

To think about: If you could improve just one thing about your home, what would it be?

Interior Design

Sale, Clearance &

Sure, the pandemic supply chain issues may have eased some, but inflation has everybody pinched. Our purchasing power is down and the demands on our time to make a living is up. It may seem fun, but do you really have time to look all over the place for great pieces? Enter our time and money-saving SALE PAGE!

3 High-Impact Design Updates:
Kitchen & bath hardware
Designer, properly scaled lighting
Rugs and throw pillows 

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Furnishings with White Glove Service

Online vendors seem great until you realize you either have to assemble the items yourself or pay a separate installation company to come after the delivery and unboxing. Oh and what about when the piece arrives damaged and you have to go through the refund or return, or return but only partial refund circus?? YIKES! Leave all that mess behind and SHOP RS CURATED, where white-glove delivery is available for nearly 100% of the items. Did we mention shopping this page also comes with yet more gifts:


To think about: What do you love the most about your home?

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Hand-picked Designer Products & Vendors

Across Social and the Internet, comparing all of the design offerings and vendors is ABSOLUTELY EYE-CROSSING. We have combed through the options and compiled some of the BEST ones for: VARIETY - DURABILITY - FUNCTION - STYLE. Categories include: Decor, Furniture, Lighting, Storage, Nursery Furnishings, Window Treatments, Outdoor living items like firepits and pergolas, Custom and Personalized Decor, and the list goes on!

3 More High-Impact Design Updates:
Painting: Walls, Ceilings, Trim, Doors (Interior & Exterior)
Accent Walls with Installations: Shelves, Bookcases, Panels
Maximizing In-Between Spaces: Mud Areas, Alcoves and Closets as Workspaces 

White Window Shutters

Expert Guides and Vetted Contractors

Many blogs offer mostly story-telling and articles so packed with ads that it makes your eyes and head hurt. You deserve better and we offer it on the RS Blog: AT HOME. Get insight for things like: Comparing Design Services, Work from home spaces, Kitchen Lighting and Cabinets, Paint Selection Guidance, Access to vetted Contractors and Installers, and More!

To think about: What design element or style from your childhood do you still enjoy seeing?

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Take our FREE Design Style Survey

Run, don't walk to grab this EXCELLENT opportunity to pin down your style more accurately. Whether you are just curious or want to get a great foundation started for organizing your design project, you will reap rewards in dividends from the fun time you will spend considering these gorgeous spaces!

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